RmaX SMS Advantage

  • 80k to ₦1.30k per SMS
  • Receive 5 Free Credits on Sign up.
  • Multiple SMS recipients
  • No hidden, monthly, or setup costs
  • We cover over 700 networks globally
  • Transfer SMS units to another member
  • Compose SMS with dynamic sender ID
  • SMS Message history with status reports
  • Scheduling of messages for future delivery
  • Import & Export Phone book to store phone groups and numbers
  • and more...

Secure & Easy Online Payment

RmaX SMS is the simplest, fastest, and most reliable way to send customized bulk text messages to literally thousands of GSM and CDMA cell phones in Nigeria and Globally. Our reliable service is guaranteed via our premium high quality SMS gateway which delivers instantly to cell phones on GSM and CDMA networks, Glo, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Starcomms, Visafone in Nigeria and Globally.


How do I register?

Registering for an account is free and takes a few minutes. Once you register a link will be sent to your email. Go to your email and click on the link. This link will activate your account and free credits.

If you do not receive your activation link, please check your SPAM folder or contact Support to request it. Please include your username and cell number in the email.


How do I Log in?

ENTER 'Username' and 'Password'. CLICK 'Login' to access your dashboard.


How much does it cost?

That depends on how many credits you buy(bulk purchases are cheaper). You can check our Pricing page for our available Price Packages.

By registering and sending some test messages (free) you can verify exactly what the cost will be.


Are there any other costs involved to send SMS?

There are no setup fees or monthly fees or any other additional fees. We operate on a prepay basis. The credits that you buy will not expire until you use them, so if you buy them now and only use them 6 months down the line, that is no problem. They will always be on your account at your disposal. It does not cost anything extra to be able to customize the sender ID.


How do I buy credits?

Login and click on "Order SMS", Type the number of SMS you need inside the field provided and it will show you the total cost in Naira.

Please note that the higher the SMS quantity, the lower the unit price.

To purchase sms unit, there are two means:

1. Online payment where you will be directed to a page where you can make the payment using your Debit and Credit Cards online via the Secure and Trusted VoguePay(Interswitch) Channel.

2. Pay the amount of your desired sms units to the bank details below and call/text us on 08165265988 or 08028495646 with your payment details and your RmaX SMS username for your account to be credited immediately.

Our Account Details:
Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Name: Rmax System
Account Number: 0122540751


How long does it take to deliver messages?

Typically messages are delivered within 10 seconds. The best is to test it for yourself.


Is it possible to use a customized Sender ID like my name?

Yes, you can set a default Sender ID for all your messages or use a particular one while composing your SMS. It doesn't attract any extra cost.
Please Note: To send to CDMA numbers, your sender ID must be numeric and must not contain any alphabets.


Do you support two-way SMS?

Yes, recipients of messages that you sent via our system can reply to your messages. The reply messages will be posted to your inbox folder in your account. You can also have replies forwarded to an email address or to a URL if you want


Can I send bulk SMS internationally.

Yes, you can send messages to international numbers as well as CDMA and GSM numbers


How do I send SMS?

To send bulk sms,

  1. Register on www.rmaxsystems.com.ng/sms
  2. Login with your username and the password that you registered with.
  3. Then click on the "Compose SMS" button in your dashboard.
  4. Then on the page that comes up, Type your name (maximum of 11 characters) in the "Sender ID" field.
  5. Type the destination numbers in the "Type Recipients" field (in the format: 2348030000000)
  6. Type your message in the "Message" field.
  7. Click on the send button.
Please Note: To send to CDMA numbers, your sender ID must be numeric and must not contain any alphabets.

Can I save my numbers in a Phonebook?

Yes, you can do so. Your Phonebook is accessible from your dashboard. Contacts can also be uploaded and exported via Excel Worksheets.


Do you have a Message and Chat history tab?

Yes, your message and chat conversations are stored and made available via your "Message History" and "Chat History" tools in your dashboard.

  • Basic
  • ₦1.30k/unit
  • 100 - 99,999 units
  • Perfect for those getting started.
  • Buy Now
  • Professional
  • 80k/unit
  • 1,000,000 - 9,999,999
  • Perfect for those targeting large audience.
  • Buy Now
  • Maximum
  • Contactus
  • 10,000,000 and above
  • Perfect for those targeting a very large audience
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